All you need to know about Purely Lashes

Here it is, the frequently asked questions and then some. Everything you need to know about Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum and Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil. The how, what, where and everything in between. The place to learn all about the road to healthy brows and lashes with Purely Lashes.


Is Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum and Lash Rescue Oil vegan and cruelty free? 

Yes, our Lash Growth Serum and Lash Rescue Oil are vegan and cruelty free.

How does Purely Lashes Growth Serum work?

With a combination of vitamins, peptides and natural plant extracts. Purely Lashes Serum prevents your lashes from the shedding process. This means rather than your lashes falling out prematurely they continue to grow. The serum also nourishes the hair at the base and creates longer, thicker and healthier lashes. 

How does Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil work?

Our Lash Rescue Oil is a lash growth oil and nourishing treatment all in one for brows and lashes. It is a unique combination of peptides and organic oils formulated and designed to grow, re hydrate and strengthen the hairs after hair loss or over treatment from lash extensions or lash lifts.

What is so special about Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil?

Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil is the first of its kind! Containing no nasties and the unique combination of nourishing organic coconut oil, castor oil and moroccan oil.  ProVitamin B5 to support the production of protein-rich tissues such as collagen and keratin and peptides to combat age-related decline in keratin synthesis. To put it simply, this combination hydrates and increases hair growth all in one. 

Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil is perfect to use after a lash lift or henna brow treatments. Extend the life of henna brows and promote hair growth. Apply to lashes after a lash lift to improve the health of lashes and rehydrate, while stimulating lash growth. Taking a break from lash extension and left with short, over treated lashes? Our Lash Rescue Oil will both nourish natural lashes and stimulate new hair growth.

So, what are the main differences between Purely Lashes Lash Growth serum and Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil?

Our Lash Growth Serum is your morning treatment and is specifically designed to be used with natural lashes and brows or lash extensions as it will not interfere with the adhesive bond that holds your eyelash extensions in place.

Our Lash Rescue Oil is a nourishing night time treatment that moisturises and strengthens your brows and lashes. Perfect for lashes after a lash lift, Henna brows or eyelashes after the extensions have been removed as extensions can sometimes damage the lashes and cause them to be dry and brittle.

How do I apply Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum and Lash Rescue Oil?

Ensure the eyelid is clean. Shake the ingredients in the bottle, remove excess of product from tip of wand by stroking it on the neck of bottle.

Apply Lash Growth Serum every morning, apply to skin of the eyelid from the exterior to the interior area, as if applying a very thin line of eyeliner right at the roots of your lashes.

Apply Lash Rescue Oil at night, apply from the roots of the lashes to the tips as if you are applying mascara.

How is Purely Lashes different to other lash serums?

Purely Lashes is very gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. Our serum contains not only peptides but also natural extracts that hydrate and soothe the base of the hair. 

Is Purely Lashes Australian owned?

Yes, Purely Lashes is an Australian owned company. Formulated by Melinda, a beauty salon owner. Melinda has been in the beauty salon industry for over 20 years and felt there was a gap in the market when it came to lash and brow growth and treatment products, so in 2019 Purely Lashes was born. 

Where is Purely Lashes made?

Purely Lashes was formulated and designed in Australia but is made in China.

Does the Lash Growth and Lash Rescue Oil have an expiry date?

6 months from first use.

Is it safe to use Purely Lashes when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Purely Lashes is gentle on the brows and lashes but we recommend consulting with your doctor before using when pregnant or breastfeeding. Please refer to our website for the list of ingredients in our Lash Growth Serum and Lash Rescue Oil.

If irritation occurs what should I do?

If irritation does occur after use of Purely Lashes Growth Serum, stop use for a few days. Then re-introduce the serum every second day. We recommend only using the serum during the day. Apply in the morning to clean skin and make sure you are wiping excess serum of the brush before application. If there is no longer any irritation build up to daily use. If irritation re-occurs discontinue use.

If irritation occurs after use of Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil there are two reasons this may be occurring. Excess use of product or the time of the day you are applying it. We recommend applying lash rescue oil two hours before you go to sleep. Make sure you are wiping excess product off the brush before applying to clean eyes. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Also, don't forget expiry date is 6 months after first use.

Can I use the Lash Growth Serum and Lash Rescue Oil on my brows?

Yes, you are can! When applying to your lashes also apply along your brow hairline, especially in any area that you want to encourage hair growth.

Do I need to use both products or is just the Purely Lashes Serum ok?

To obtain peak results for long, healthy, natural brows and lashes the use of both products is recommended.

If you have lash extensions only use Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum as it will not effect the adhesive bond that holds the lashes in place.

Should I continue using Purely Lashes even though I've achieved amazing results?

Yes! Apply every other day to maintain your achieved length and thickness.

What else can I do to achieve maximum eyelash growth?

On top of using our Lash Growth Serum and Lash Rescue Oil, eat a healthy diet thats high in vitamins and proteins. Avoid rubbing your eyes as this increases the chance of eyelashes falling out. Always remember to remove make up before going to bed with a gentle cleanser or eye make up remover, as eye make up can cause build up over time and cause premature eyelash loss.


We hope this helps you get to know all about Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum and Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions! We love to help.


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