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Ten reasons to love Lush Lash™ Mascara


When it came time to add another product to the Purely Lashes line it was a no brainer that a mascara was the perfect addition to the family.

Caring for your lashes doesn't just stop at applying your morning treatment of Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum and nightly treatment of Purely Lashes Lash Rescue Oil. There are other factors that come into play in achieving the maximum length to your lashes. One is your your diet and health and the other is the mascara you wear on your lashes!

Here are the top ten reasons to love Purely Lashes Lush Lash™ Mascara and how it will help you achieve peak health and instant length in your lashes.

1. Cruelty free 

2. Contains no nasties

3. Gentle on the eyes 

3. Tubular mascara that delivers instant length and curl

4. Nourishing formula - contains lash conditioners Keratin and Biotin

5. Growth mascara - contains peptides scientifically proven to help grow lashes

6. Buildable to match your day

7. Non clumping and no crunchy look

8. Silicone wand designed to coat every lash

9. Water resistant

10. Australian owned

At just $39 and packed full of goodness Purely Lashes Lush Lash™ Mascara is the perfect addition to having the healthiest and longest lashes possible.

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