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Meet the Founder of Purely Lashes

Meet the Founder of Purely Lashes

Founder of Eyelash Serum company purely lashes


Meet Melinda, founder of Purely Lashes. Beauty therapist by trade, business owner of beauty salon Pure Skin and Laser Therapy. Mother of two, Mabel who is six, Samson who is 2 and wife to Jason. Oh and she also has a much loved pooch called, Fetch. 

Three words that describe yourself

Enthusiastic, energetic and positive.

Three favourite beauty products

Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum (of course!), O Cosmedics Immortal CreamLa Glam Mineral Make Up, not forgetting my favourite Grip TweezersThat's four but its hard to pick only three!

Your favourite beauty tips that you live by

Prevention is better than cure! That’s why I have always tried to stay out of the sun. I wear sunscreen everyday.  My current fave is O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30. Exercise regularly, only drink water, no soft drink and eat well.

At what age did you know you wanted to work in the beauty industry?

At age 15! I was in Year 10. I went to have my first beauty treatment. The beauty therapist was so lovely and professional. I asked loads of questions and thought yep that's the career for me!

Tell us about Pure Skin and Laser Therapy

My first baby! Absolutely love what I do! Pure Skin and Laser Therapy is my stand alone beauty salon, opened 14 years ago. Before Pure Skin I had a mobile IPL Laser machine that I would cart from salon to salon. I grew my business from there.  I now have three staff members and an online store (pureskinonline) stocking all our favourite products.  We focus mainly on skin, brows and lashes.

 What kind of boss are you?

Gosh, I’m not sure. I absolutely love people and working with my amazing team! I would like to think I’m approachable, relatable and easygoing. I’m not one that wants to be a boss. I like working along side everyone in the team. Everyone's role is as important as the others.

What do you love best about your job?

Everything! I feel part of an amazing community. The people, my staff, my clients, the reps, the products! I love learning about new treatments and how ingredients work on the skin. Seeing and hearing about the positive results. Helping people with all their beauty needs and all the lovely conversations and connections I make along the way.

What inspired you to create Purely Lashes?

I really felt that there was a massive gap in the market when it came to lash & brow growth products. We offer lots of lash and brow treatments in my salon. I often wondered to myself why there wasn't a lash growth oil on the market. One very important step after lash lift treatments and henna brow treatments is applying an oil. This got me thinking! Why not have a treatment, oil and growth product in one! So my lash rescue oil was born. I also noticed that clients were steering away from lash extentions but still wanted long lashes naturally. So I developed a serum!

What are your hopes and plans for the brand?

I had three plans for Purely Lashes. To make it affordable, effective and have beautiful packaging. I believed that once I achieved these three things that the rest would flow. So far this is true and we are now stocked in salons around Australia!  I have no idea where Purely Lashes will go from here. But I’m enjoying the journey. I want Purely Lashes to be the known and trusted brand that creates beautiful natural lashes and to sit proudly in everyone's bathroom cabinet. 

What are you most proud of?

Oh that’s hard to pick...  My two gorgeous children. I love being a Mum despite the years of interrupted sleep! My staff at Pure Skin and the way they run the salon as if it was their own. That I followed my gut and created Purely Lashes. I’m just so happy with all the positive feedback. Salons are loving the products and seeing amazing results for their clients.

What motivates you on a daily basis?

 Making the most of my day. Feeling good and making others feel the same way.

Tell us something that we would be surprised to know about you?

I love exercising and always have. I didn’t travel overseas till I was 28. I have a secret fantasy of starring in a reality tv show.

How do you find the balance between family and running two businesses?

Good question! I delegate, work with good people and I try to be present in the time I do have with my family. Enjoy the little things & I try not to be too hard on myself.

How do you unwind?

Catching up with family and friends. Watching reality TV! Also, maybe the odd cocktail.

Any advice for a budding business owner

Only do it if you love it! If you don’t love it, find something else you do love to do. It makes it so much easier!

What would you take to a desert island?

Depending on if it’s a reality tv show!? If I’m going to be on camera,  O Cosmedics 1Skin foundation, La Glam Bronzer and Pony Cosmetics White Knight Mascara. If I’m not limited well.... everything in my bedroom, bathroom & wardrobe!

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