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Featured in Professional Beauty

Featured in Professional Beauty

We were thrilled to make the top 7 recommendation list of lash and brow growth brands to stock in your beauty salon by Professional Beauty Magazine, the bible for professional beauty. 


In 2021 when Eye Envy was suddenly no longer available for purchase in Australia, salons across the country were on the hunt for effective lash and brow growth products for their clients.

It was also the time of the global pandemic which meant salons were having to close their doors (especially Melbourne) making it difficult for clients to attend their regular lash and brow appointments.

But never fear, Purely Lashes was here! It was the perfect time to grow lashes and brows with the help of a lash growth serum and embrace your natural look.

Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum grew with popularity and we loved receiving feedback from stockists across the country about how much their clients were loving their lash and brow growth results.

Now two years down the track we're stocked in over 500 salons across Australia  and distributed by Salon First, Australia's No. 1 Beauty Supplier. 

To read the full article in Professional Beauty, click here.



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