What's Your Favourite Mascara?


Here at Purely Lashes we are all about lashes. Obviously! We love talking to our friends, customers and wholesalers all about our products, Purely Lashes Lash Growth Serum and Purely Lashes Lash Growth Oil.

But one other question we are often asked: What's your favourite mascara? Makes sense right? Because once you have those lashes on point you want the perfect mascara to make them sing. 

I don't know about you, but mascara is my favourite piece of make up and If I could only pick one to use each day mascara would be the winner. When the mascara is on I feel good to go. And with the current COVID climate and compulsory mask wearing in Victoria, it's all about the eyes!

So, we've asked six amazing women from various notable industries the big question: What is their favourite mascara, and why? We would love to hear from you too. And maybe, just maybe, one day Purely Lashes will create their own perfect go-to mascara. It all starts with a dream.

PONi Cosmetics White Knight

I love this mascara! My favourite part is that it comes with two brush options, so you can create a look that suits your day. One brush for full volume thick lashes and another brush for a more natural long wispy look. For a more dramatic false lash effect you can layer the product and use both brushes. It's gentle on the eyes and easy to remove, so it doesn't damage your lashes and cause them to fall out prematurely. It's also splash and tear proof. So no panda eyes. Melinda, Founder of Purely Lashes and owner of Pure Skin and Laser Therapy


L'Oreal Voluminous 

This has been my go-to mascara for years. It doesn't clump, builds well on itself to create thick and long lashes and the wand does a great job at separating each lash. It's super affordable and I can buy it in one click on Amazon!  Angela, Head of Amazon Fashion, Australia

Benefit BADgal Bang!

Bad Gal Bang has everything I want in a mascara. It feels very light on my lashes, doesn't irritate my eyes and gives me full and voluminous lashes. It also has a streamlined brush that makes it easy to coat every lash evenly.  Rebecca Little, Influencer and Digital content creator

 Max Factor False Lash Effect

Poni White Knight also gets a huge tick of approval from me and is my daily go-to. I love how it lasts all day and the brush design allows me to get right to the roots of lashes.

But you will also always find Max Factor False Lash Effect in my kit. This mascara doubles the thickness of every client's lashes creating an almost false lash effect. The black really is so black creating a stand out effect and its a lovely smooth consistency. This makes it really easy to apply to all lashes no matter the length and shape. Shaylee Ellen, Hair and make up artist



Amazing mascara! Easy to apply and creates long, full and thick lashes every time.  Lasts all day or night, no smudging even when I'm on a long haul flight. A touch more pricey that other mascaras but well worth it.  Beautiful packaging and it even smells nice! Linda, First and Business class flight attendant, Qantas


Loreal Paris Telescopic 

Quick and easy to apply even when you're short on time! The super thin flexible multi-comb wand means you can get right to the base of the lashes. I love how it separates every single lash from base to tip and creates a clean, defined lash look. This mascara also always adds extra length to my already long lashes and its easy to remove. Sarah Oldmeadow, Actor


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